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The average cost of a divorce in the UK stands at £14,561 in legal fees and lifestyle costs.

The average cost of Mediation with us;

Child Only Cases - £585pp

All Issues Mediation/Financial Cases - £635pp

Unlike most mediation companies in Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire, we DO NOT charge our clients for mediation summaries and never will, saving you each over £100 per person, per meeting.


The Journey Begins Here have been helping families and individuals in various parts of the country since 2012 and we are in a rare position where we are able to offer our clients Mediation and Therapy as an in-house package rather than having to go to separate companies for the two services. 

We firmly believe that people have enough struggles in life which is why we have chosen to provide an accessible and inclusive service at an affordable price.

Our services including; Family, Community and Workplace Mediation and Therapy services (NLP, Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Coaching/Life Coaching) across Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset.

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